A badly damaged economy. An imperiled future. An immoral lack of leadership. To read the quotes from policymakers on climatecliff.org, you’d think our leaders were talking about climate change. After all, 2012 has featured a series of wake-up calls, with sweltering heat waves, a massive Midwestern drought, a freakish and devastating Superstorm, and a record-shattering new low for Arctic sea ice. Each event should make it clear: 

If urgent action is not taken to address the climate crisis, climate change stands to crush our economy, destroy our livelihood, and render the world uninhabitable for our children and grandchildren.

But instead of focusing on climate change, the media and politicians are obsessed with the so-called “fiscal cliff,” a manufactured crisis. Last year, Congress created the “fiscal cliff” through a budgetary maneuver, and this fake crisis puts programs like Social Security and Medicare at risk of major cuts. Meanwhile, our leaders are ignoring a legitimate crisis: from the survivors of Superstorm Sandy to the drought-stricken farmers of the Midwest, Americans are feeling the pain of the reckless dumping of carbon pollution, with consequences that will last for centuries.

If Congress wants to debate spending cuts, they should look no further than the $10 billion in corporate welfare they give annually to the fossil fuel industry, accelerating our trajectory off the climate cliff. If the White House wants to raise revenue, they can start by clawing back the $1 trillion in annual revenues that the top five oil companies alone make from poisoning our future.

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By speaking out at Climatecliff.org, we can help shift the dialogue from a manufactured crisis to a real one. Join Forecast the Facts in sending your representatives a clear message: the fiscal cliff is invented. The climate cliff is real.